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Tension Relief massage therapy is a popular form of massage therapy that can bring relief to both mental tension and physical pain. It uses various techniques, such as kneading and kneading with pressure points, to knead and relax the muscles of the body. By increasing circulation in the area, it can create a deep state of relaxation throughout the entire body. Not only does this type of massage help relieve physical pain, but it can also alleviate stress, improve sleep quality and even improve mental health. It can also be combined with other massage techniques for even greater effects such as head and shoulder massage for effective pain relief.



Introduction to Massage

History of Massage

Massage & Immune System

Product Knowledge



Pre-Massage Evaluation

Migraine Pain Relief Massage

Hand and Arms Pain Relief Massage

Back Pain Relief Massage

Heat Therapy for Pain Relief


Certificate in Tension Relief Massage Therapy

  • Certified Course

    International Education Board . United Kingdom


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