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Our comprehensive Diploma in Eyelash Extension teaches budding eyelash techs all the information they need to know about this ever-rising trend in cosmetic services—from business ethics related aspects to proper sanitation guidelines—enabling them to offer premium professional services for their customers.



Introduction to Eyelash Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

Eyelash Extension Misconceptions

Classic vs. Volume

Natural Lash Growth

The Lash Cycle

Product Knowledge



Lash Extension Types

Lash Lengths

Lash Curls

Lash Diameters


Lash Weights

Maintaining a Professional Appearance

Personal Hygiene

Salon Hygiene

Ideal Salon Set up

Diploma in Eyelash Extension Course

  • Dual Certified Diploma Course

    International Education Board . United Kingdom

    The Asia Beauty-art Experts Association . Korea

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